MSI Afterburner passe en 4.1.0 Final


La nouvelle version d’Afterburner, programme permettant l’overclocking de votre carte graphique, et la surveillance de votre configuration (fréquences, températures, tensions, …) vient de débarquer et passe en 4.1.0 Final.

msi afterburner 4.1.0 gtx960

Il est compatible aussi bien pour les cartes graphiques AMD (à partir des HD 2xxx) que pour NVIDIA (à partir des GeForce 6).

Le change log est assez impressionnant :

  • Brand new user interface skins by Drerex Design. New skins use improved skin format introduced in the previous version of MSI Afterburner skin compiler, which reduces each compiled skin size by factor of 10 on average. Legacy MSI Afterburner v2 and v3 skins

    were also recompiled in new format and included in distributive for those who prefer old-style user interface Improved hardware monitoring module, new robust hardware monitoring features have been ported from original RivaTuner guru3d hardware monitoring module:

    ▪ Added integrated viewer for native RivaTuner Hardware Monitoring Log (*.HML) files. Now you can view hardware monitoring history stored in HML files either by pressing “View” button in “Monitoring” tab or directly open HML files via Windows explorer

    ▪ Added custom tracking markers support. Now you can hold key while clicking hardware monitor window to set up to 8 custom tracking markers in desired positions

    ▪ Now you can customize graph color in layered mode via double clicking color legend box on the graph.

    ▪ Now tracking markers display current values for all graphs in layered mode instead of active graph only Improved graphs resizing implementation for attached hardware monitor windowMSI Afterburner 4.1.0 Final

  • Improved skin browser:

    ▪ Now “User interface” tab open immediately without waiting for processing of all installed skin files, which can be time consuming if you have a lot of skin files. The list of installed skins is now being populated in separate background thread

    ▪ Added precaching for skin preview images. Skin files are no longer being accessed when switching between skins in the browser

    ▪ Improved skin rendering performance for layered skin composition mode with alpha channel

    ▪ Improved rendering performance for skins using animated indicators (e.g. animated profile save indicator in default MSI Afterburner skin)

    ▪ Added backbuffering support to skinned windows to simplify implementation of various framebuffer processing related effects (e.g. skin scaling)

    ▪ Vector indicators are now being rendered via GDI+ to provide improved antialiasing and rendering performance

    ▪ Added support for obfuscated USF format, which is represented by some unfair competitors as 100% in-house development. Now you can use MSI Afterburner’s built-in skin decompiler to analyze source code of such skin files

    ▪ Added skins scaling support. The scaling may improves the appearance of some small third party skins on high resolution monitors. Please take a note that upscaling may reduce the performance a bit

  • Improved skin cross-compatibility layer:

    ▪ Extended list of applications supported by skin cross-compatibility layer. Now MSI Afterburner supports USF skins created for any version of third party overclocking tools starting from minimalist oldschool skins from GeForce 200 series overclocking era and ending by obfuscatedUSF skins used in modern overclocking tools

    ▪ Added support for 10 profile slots in skin cross-compatibility mode

    ▪ Now it is possible to open advanced settings window with <Ctrl> + <S> keyboard shortcut to provide compatibility with third party skins having no dedicated button for accessing advanced settings window

    ▪ Now it is possible to open info window with <Ctrl> + <I> keyboard shortcut to provide compatibility with third party skins having no dedicated button for accessing info window

  • Added configuration file switch allowing power users to invert colors in text mode for Logitech keyboard LCD displays
  • Added silent installation scenario support
  • Ukrainian localization has been seriously revamped
  • RivaTuner Statistics Server has been upgraded to v6.3.0

Téléchargement MSI Afterburner 4.1.0 Final

De plus, quatre skins différents sont prévus selon vos envies. Et vous, quel programme utilisez-vous pour overclocker votre carte graphique ?

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andy bag
andy bag
16 janvier 2015 21h19

efficace? oui, dix oeufs sur le plat après avoir éteint la machine plus un steak saignant, y qu’à voir lol

27 décembre 2014 17h13

oui c’est la première chose qui attire, mais est ‘il efficace ?

25 décembre 2014 16h22

J’aime le nouveau style 🙂